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Foreign Trade Online

Foreign trade at your fingertips

Do you want to operate quickly and from wherever you are without having to use obsolete technology?

Benefits of the service:

  • Availability:

    You can transmit execution orders to us from anywhere in Israel and around the world at any time.
    You can transmit execution orders for future dates.

  •  Simplicity:

    We create an information database in our system that is relevant to our customers.
    The database contains the names of suppliers and their bank details.
    Our customers only have to choose from the database.

  • Control and monitoring:

    The operation status can be viewed at any stage and on the Swift copy after execution.
    Queries can be submitted regarding the operations executed in the past as well as queries for the future.
    The data are stored in archives unique to each client.

  • Savings:
    Paper and time.



Operations can be performed on the EDI system that allows operating orders to be sent for money transfers in large files.

  • This publication should not be considered an agreement or a commitment to provide services.
  • Provision of the services is at the discretion of the Bank, its conditions and approval.