General Information

Password and ID Code

Your Personal, Confidential Credentials

Your password and user codeare used as credentials to access Discount@Internet; these credentials will be provided to you when you enroll in this service at your branch.

Keep them safe - they are personal and confidential!

When you access Discount@Internet for the first time, you will be asked to change the initial password you received from the bank - before you can use the service.

How to keep your password safe?

  • Do not keep your password and user code where they can be seen by strangers.
  • Change your password and user code often - preferably even more often than automatically required by the system. 
  • Whenever you access the system, make sure that the last login date and time shown for the account are correct (this information is presented after authentication).
  • Your password is private and provides direct access to your bank account - do not share it with anyone else - even those who offer services to make it easier to manage your account or to contact the bank. This is because access to your account may be abused and you risk potential fraud and theft of your credentials and information.
  • It is important not to use the same password for other websites, since such use significantly increases the risk of having your password exposed and your account accessed.
  • Do not provide your password and user code to anyone if they claim to be a Discount Bank employee. 
  • Important: Bank representatives will never ask you to provide your credentials over the phone or by email. If you are asked to do so - refuse and immediately report the incident to online customer support.


Click here for explanation on how to change your password and user code


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