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Discount Trade

The Best Trading Platform in the Capital Market 

An advanced trading system, enabling rapid response and control of multiple orders and procedures for independent investors in the capital market.

What you need to know about the system

The DiscountTrade trading software enables a quick response to market events, it significantly reduces the time spent executing orders and enables optimal control of multiple orders, procedures and account balances. The advanced search engine and navigation tree allow you to quickly and accurately locate information and data regarding securities.

Using Drag & Drop, the navigation menu or the Quick Launch Bar - you can place a wealth of information in tables, in trading tools and in custom windows on a multi-dimensional trading desk. The use of windows allows for multiple layouts and personalization, presentation of selected market information and execution windows by topic and specialization.

The range of unique tools enables full control over your investment account(s) with quick links to queries and order execution.

The software includes a range of tools that support smart trading:

ClickTrade technology allows you to significantly reduce the time required to execute a trade by accessing supply and demand layers in the order book, directly from market tables.

Market data is color-coded based on the change in price/rate/percentage: Green - up, red - down, white and/or grey - price unchanged (with exceptions for order and execution windows and for ActiveTrader windows, where buys are colored green and sells are colored red).

The smart inter-window Linker allows you to display the desired information with one click in multiple market and trading information windows.

Real time notifications and smart indicators

The system provides current notifications from the stock exchange – no need to open another browser window. Pop-up announcements from the stock exchange are displayed in real time in a special pane which pops up for significant announcements; a click on the announcement will open it.

You may respond to an announcement by clicking the Trade icon to buy/sell the relevant securities for the reporting company.


The alert system offers you indications of buy/sell executions and signals for market information (securities and indexes at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange). The signals are indicated by audible alerts and a pop-up alert window. Parameters may be set for receiving signals, such as when securities reach a specific price, trading volume, etc.

Advanced trading orders

Trading orders such as Stop Loss, Trailing Stop or Take Profit allow you to increase the potential of standard orders and to hedge your portfolio; such orders can be used for all types of securities on the stock exchange - including derivatives!

Visual Trading order chart

The order chart allows you to trade on the intra-day chart, with a single click, using visual indication on the chart for buy/sell orders. The limit for orders is quickly updated by dragging to the desired price and by improving/retracing price steps.

You may include basic technical analysis - support/resistance lines and trend lines on the chart.

Advanced charting systems and technical analysis

The technical analysis systems provide an advanced toolbox for viewing and analysis in various configurations.

In the window you may compare different indexes and securities or research charts using various indicators.

You may place the available tools manually at your choosing, including support and resistance lines, as well as advanced technical tools, such as Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, etc.

Support center

Our support center operates Sunday to Thursday, during trading hours in Israel and in the USA, by calling: 03-7950999.

The center is staffed by a team of skilled traders, who enter orders upon client request and provide technical support for using the system.


For more information, please contact any Discount Bank branch or call TeleBank Discount at *6111.

You may also leave your contact information under Contact Us and a banker will call you back soon.