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Social Report

Committed to the Community - in Every Sense of the Word

Discount Bank was the first bank in Israel to issue a social report (in 2005). 

Publishing the social report reflects Discount Bank's deep commitment to social and environmental responsibility - including  the subject of corporate governance.

The 2013 report is rated A+ according to the GRI's G3.1 reporting standard - the highest level of transparency.

The Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Group of the consulting firm BDO Ziv Haft reviewed the 2013 report for appropriate reporting.

Concurrently, the bank submitted the report for methodology control by GRI, which found the report to be at the highest reporting level (A+) in terms of completeness of response to benchmarks.

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The social report issued by the bank describes various processes thatreflect the bank's social commitment on various levels, including contribution to the community.

The social report is based on the concept that a corporation is answerable to the society and community in which they operate - not only to their shareholders.

Adopting this approach resulted in expanded reporting, with reference to a wider range of issues - designed to address all social, environmental and economic issues of interest to all corporate stakeholders (employees, suppliers, clients, the environment etc.)