Private Banking

About Us


Israel Discount Bank one of the leading Banks in Israel (since 1935) offers a variety of investment avenues which create new opportunities of business ventures.

Israel Discount Bank draws on profound experience and hands-on knowledge which provides exclusive private multilingual banking solutions tailored to our clients needs (foreign residents and new immigrants- Olim) with three Private Banking Centers (Azrieli towers-Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv and one in Netanya)  and 10 local branches qualified  to open accounts for foreign residents who seek such services.

Israel Discount Bank aim is to build a business relationship with international customers by catering to all their  banking needs such as   credit facilities, mortgages, loans, global investments, risk management as well as daily banking services.  

We believe that a warm relationship between the customer and the private banker is the key for a successful asset management. This is the hallmark of Israel Discount Bank.

* The information published on this site does not in any way constitute  a service or service offered to customers outside the state of Israel