Business Banking

Personal Account for Business Clients

Business Account? Private Account? Maybe you can Profit from Both!

At Discount, from the moment you become business customers of the bank, you are entitled to receive all of the Bank’s services in one place, One Stop Shop, as our business team also handles your personal account.

You don’t have a private account yet at Discount? You should become acquainted with the benefits package of new private customers.

Customers having business and private accounts are eligible to join the Family Business program, and at Discount, the combination of family and business definitely pays off.

For further information on Family Business

Family Business allows you to enjoy exclusive benefits such as an exemption from fees on transfers between accounts, as well as all of the special benefits of the Family Banking program, because at Discount we consider your business account as private and your private account as profitable in a business sense .... 


  • New business customer / additional business account: a business customer with a new ID/PHC at the bank
  • Family benefits relate to the private customer
  • Business Family at Discount – In order to receive the benefit, the customer must own at least 25% of each of the business accounts
  • New customer: A private customer with an ID new at the bank
  • Acceptance of the terms for transferring salaries and /or investment portfolio subject to the bank’s terms
  • The Bank may change or discontinue all or part of the preferred terms at any time
  • Provision of credit, credit card issuing and collateral for all loans are subject to bank procedures and the branch’s
  • Errors and Omissions Excepted
* Failure to repay the loan is liable to incur interest on arrears and trigger a lien filing process.