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Credit Card Procedures in the Direct Channels

A Variety of Credit Card Procedures

For your convenience, you can now perform a variety of other credit card operations in your account through Discount@Internet:
•    Activate credit cards
•    Change billing date
•    Recover user code
•    Cancel credit card


Activate Credit Card

Have you received a new credit card? It must be activated before its first use:

Credit card activation through Discount@Internet:
Select “Credit Cards” menu > “Credit Card Procedures” > “Activate Card”:

1.    Select credit card for activation
2.    Click “OK”
3.    Confirm receipt of the card, and you are now able to start using it
Credit card activation through Telebank:
Credit cards can be activated through TeleBank Personal Service at telephone number 03-9439111 or speed dial: * 6111.

Credit card activation through the Mashov or the ATM:

A card that has been renewed* (only) can also be activated through a procedure using the Mashov or the ATM, with the exception of “Smart Cards”.

•    A card that has been issued to replace an expired card with the same number or a card that has been returned after having been swallowed by an ATM.

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New at Discount@Internet – New Credit Card Services:

Change Billing Date

Is the billing date inconvenient for you? Now you can change the credit card billing date as you like through Discount@Internet.
Select “Credit Cards” menu > “Credit Card Procedures” > “Change Billing Date”:
1.    Select credit card
2.    Select billing date 
3.    Click “Continue”

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Recover User Code

Have you forgotten your credit card’s user code? Don’t worry! Now you can recover the code through Discount@Internet. 
Select “Credit Cards” menu > “Credit Card Procedures” > “Recover User Code”:
1.    Select credit card
2.    Confirm address to which the user code will be sent
3.    Click “Continue”

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Cancel Credit Card

Is your credit card lost or has it been stolen? Now you can cancel it through Discount@Internet.
Select “Credit Cards” menu > “Credit Card Procedures” > “Cancel Credit Card”:
1.    Select credit card
2.    Select the reason for cancellation and location of the loss/theft
3.    Order replacement card and check that the address is displayed correctly.
4.    Click “Continue”

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