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Investment Centers

Make your Money Work Hard for You

Discount Bank investment centers offer a unique service provided by investment advisors, experts holding an advisory license from the ISA, for select customers wishing to operate in the capital market.

The team of experts at the investment centers constantly receives information from the bank's Research Department and support from the Discount Bank investment committee.

Our experts use the most advanced tools to support their advisory service, tools that enable market and trend analysis, and for foreign stocks - current information from the Morningstar research company.

Our clients who are active in the capital market enjoy a personal relationship at Discount Bank investment centers:

Communication channels with the advisory team and the investment center manager are open and available to you.

We provide advice - but only after getting to know you well, understanding your specific needs and objectives in trading on the capital market.

You will also have at your disposal economic reviews written by the bank's Research Department.


Prefer to operate on your own in the capital market?

Then you should get to know Discount Trade, our online trading system for independent trading on the capital market. Advanced tools with technical support and dedicated customer service are available to you. The system allows you to respond quickly to market events (during business hours of the stock exchanges in Israel and in the USA), with optimal control of multiple orders and procedures.

The system includes a navigation tree and rapid search engine for pin-pointing data on desired securities.


Shall we schedule a meeting?

Would you like to have a meeting at one of our investment centers, or would you prefer for us to visit you? We are happy to meet you at your convenience.

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