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Technological Tools for Capital Market Transactions

Discount Bank offers you all the tools to turn our knowledge into your gain. Our investment advisors keep abreast of the capital market, and their professional skills, along with the advanced technological tools available to you, provide ideal conditions for your money to work hard for you.

Expert banking for institutional investors

All of the top professional solutions in the market

We provide institutional investors with the best experts, whose approach is personal, direct and tailored to your specific needs:

  • Private banking – an expert banker for institutional investors, to manage your banking activities and to provide leadership in your capital market activity
  • A personal banker to manage all of your banking activities - we provide our institutional investor clients with a personal banker to assist in managing all banking activity.
  • Single point of contact - one central service team, specialized in your field and always available, to manage all of your banking activities - and capital market activity in particular

Our team of experts will assist you in the following areas:

  • Mutual funds

We offer comprehensive mutual fund service:

  • Advanced system for mutual fund operation
  • Interface for providing online instructions to the stock exchange (MQ)

Brokerage and trading room   

  • Connection to brokerage traders at the bank's trading room.
  • Traders who are market makers, specialized in obtaining optimal quotes.
  • Transactions in OTC financial instruments - transactions not traded on the stock exchange and customized for the client - transactions linked to currency, interest rate and the CPI. This includes future transactions, options and derivatives.

Short- and long-term deposits 

  • Get interest rate quotes directly from the trading room for short, medium and long terms.
  • Lending of securities
  • A dedicated department for the lending of securities, specialized in this area, and managing a dynamic database of borrowers and lenders.

Research and analysis  

  • Custom analysis (micro and macro).
  • Bond recommendations based on a unique model developed by our Research Department.
  • Analysis of bond issues

Exposure and credit frameworks:         

  • A dedicated business manager, expert in extending credit to institutional investors
  • Loans


You are invited to contact us:

Mr. Yaniv Katzir - Manager, Institutional Client Relations and Corporate Recruitment Department – Business Division.
Telephone: Office 03-5145191 Mobile 052-2461054


Mr. Eran Zabari - Institutional Client Relations and Corporate Recruitment
Telephone: Office 03-5145523 Mobile 054-7738299 


Mr. Nir Blechman - Institutional Client Relations and Corporate Recruitment
Telephone: Office 03-5144577 Mobile 054-6552492 


Mr. Gadi Neumann - Manager, Capital Market Department
Telephone: Office 03-5145549 Administrative office, Capital Market Department
Fax: 03-5145955