Private Banking

Personalized Products and Services

  • Credit Facilities/ Real Estate

Are you interested in purchasing real estate, residential or commercial property in Israel? We can assist you. Mortgages linked to foreign currency, at attractive rates and conditions are available against collateral, either property or other forms.  All are subject to the bank's regulations and policies.

  • Investment Services

  • Investment Advisory

    Top down methodology in every asset class around the world.
  • Customized Solutions

    Personalized solutions in all segments of the global investment market, currencies, deposits, securities, credit and banking services.
  • Stock/Bond Picking

    Our selection process ensures our investments are the best in their class. We use both in-house knowledge and external research and expertise to build our clients' portfolios.
  • Risk Management

    Our stringent approach to risk management encompasses both market and operational risks associated with our clients' portfolios.
  • Strategic Asset Allocation

    Our strategic approach combined with tactical considerations balances asset diversification with performance, in line with our clients' investment objectives.
  • Asset Management

    Discretionary investment portfolio management services through Tafnit Discount - Asset Management - an IDB fully owned company.
  • Investment Banking Services in Israel's Capital Markets

    Underwriting, private placements, mergers and acquisitions through Israel Discount Capital Markets & Investments - an IDB fully-owned company.
  • Money Market and Term Deposits

    Foreign Currency Deposits

    Take advantage of short, medium and long-tem deposit options in all major foreign currencies. Enjoy competitive interest rates, based on quoted international market rates. Feel secure in the knowledge that you have placed your investment in the most professional hands, in a strong international financial institution.

  • Structured Products

    For customers seeking investments with the potential for higher returns or leveraged exposure, we tailor structured products across a range of risk/return objectives. These products can be linked to equities, commodities, foreign exchange and fixed income securities.


* Failure to meet the repayment of the loan may result in a charge of arrears and execution proceedings

  • Global Trading Room

    Specialized traders are available for clients who want to be close to the markets including currencies, securities/equity, interest rate swaps, spot and forward foreign exchange, treasury trading and hedging.