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Statement regarding website accessibility

An accessible website is a website which people with disabilities and senior citizens can browse as easily and efficiently as all other users. According to a survey carried out by Microsoft in 2003, about 20% to 25% of people encounter difficulties when using the internet and may benefit from more accessible internet content.

Discount believes in and works for equal opportunities on the internet for people with a variety of disabilities and for people who employ assistive technologies when using computers.


Information about the website’s accessibility


  • This website complies with the standards of the Regulations for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Adjustments for Access to Service), 2013. 
  • Accessibility customizations were carried out according to the recommendations of the Israeli Standards for Web Content Accessibility (IS 5568), level AA, and the international WCAG 2.0 document.
  • The tests showed the highest degree of compatibility on the Chrome browser.
  • The website provides a semantic basis for assistive technologies and support with generally accepted usage patterns for keyboard operation using the Enter and the Esc keys for exiting menus and windows.
  • The website is configured for display on commonly used browsers and for use on mobile phones.
  • For an optimal browsing experience with screen reader software, we recommend using the latest version of the NVDA software. Documents or videos uploaded to the website prior to October 2017 may not be fully accessible. If you encounter such a document or a video, please contact the bank’s accessibility coordinator and we will ensure that the information will become accessible.
  • Delivering information in an accessible format – The bank provides customers the option of receiving information in accessible formats. Information is delivered at no cost and such formats are designated to meet the needs of people with disabilities. For information and enquiries on accessibility, please contact the bank’s accessibility coordinator, whose details are listed below.
  • Tests and advice on making this website accessible were provided by A2Z Internet Marketing and Accessibility Co.


Contact information for the accessibility coordinator at Discount

  • Name:Shikma Sabbah, Adv
  • Mailing address: 23 Yehuda Halevyl St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa
  • Email address:


Publication of accessibility declaration

The accessibility declaration was updated on: 8.8.2022


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