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Account, Loan Terms and Conditions for Students

We understand that this is a challenging period, which is why we have created a special offer for you - to make things easier.

Students are eligible for special terms and conditions on their account, for exclusive benefits and convenient loans which can be used to finance your tuition. We have also created a special Service Center for you, open at flexible hours, and of course there are the benefits on your Discount Key Card to help you enjoy this period. Even if you already have an undergraduate degree, you will be happy to know that Discount Bank offers benefits to those who have an undergraduate degree and special offers for graduate and PhD students.

If you have yet to start your higher education, you can join the youth plan – your account will be exempt for up to 10 years from key commissions (for clients aged 16-25).

We are at your service and happy to offer unique solutions to your specific needs – benefits on your checking account, a smart app, advanced website and online services customized for you.


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For more information, contact any Discount Bank branch or call TeleBank Discount on *6111.

You may also leave your contact information under Contact Us and a banker will call you back soon.


  • Enrollment in these plans is subject to bank terms and conditions