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Foreign Guarantees

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Tender, advance payment, performance, progress, assurance of payment, warranty, financial lien, assurance of quality/credit, Ata Carnet.

  • The bank guarantee is an irrevocable commitment by the bank issuing the guarantee to pay the beneficiary the amount of the guarantee, under the conditions specified therein.
  • A foreign guarantee is issued in a foreign language for beneficiaries in Israel or abroad.
  • The guarantee is not dependent on the basic transaction.

The wording of the guarantee is “tailored” to the transaction, no matter how complex.

The guarantees are issued/accepted as direct or backup collateral.


Having a hard time obtaining collateral to issue a guarantee?

A new product at Discount:

Guarantees in cooperation with credit companies – the Government Company for Export (ASHRA).


As part of this collaboration, Discount Bank receives ASHRA guarantees as backup for guarantees provided as part of export transactions.

The program is suited to medium and small exporters with annual exports of up to USD 50 million.