General Information

Accessible services at Discount

  • Employee training regarding accessible service - The bank holds training sessions designed to familiarize employees with accessibility issues, raise employee awareness, and give employees and practical tools for rendering accessible services.
  • Accessible call center – The automated telephone banking system was made accessible, with information delivered clearly and with no background music.
  • To contact us on issues relating to accessibility for people with disabilities, click here.


Installing assistive aids at branches

Assistive aids were installed at Discount branches which have been made accessible. These aids include, among other things:

  • Induction loop hearing aid systems - An assistive hearing device broadcasting directly into hearing aids set to T. The system includes a receiver to increase volume so customers can hear directly by ear, eliminating background noise.
  • A bidirectional sound system – Some teller stations have a partition between the service provider and recipient. This system comprises a microphone and speaker on both sides of the partition and enhances sound on both sides. 
  • An assistive call system (CALL HEAR) - An assistive call system has been installed at the entrance to each Discount branch that was made accessible. A service representative will help with any issue at the press of the call button.


Customization of self-service devices for accessibility: 

  • ATMs – ATM heights were customized for greater accessibility for wheelchair users and little persons. Customers can also opt to receive voice instructions when using an ATM. To hear instructions, customers must plug in headphones.
  • Mashov terminals – A new and upgraded Mashov terminal was launched recently, customized to make it accessible for people with disabilities. For more information, click here. The height of the terminal has also been adjusted to make it accessible for people using wheelchairs and little persons.
  • Appointment management terminals - Touch keyboards have been installed at branches with automated appointment management systems, high-contrast colors have been selected, and voice operating instructions can be accessed with headphones. The height of the terminal has also been customized to suit wheelchair users and little persons.


Accessibility of written information (forms, documents, leaflets)

Accessibility of written information is usually required by people with visual impairments or cognitive disabilities. Discount, in collaboration with the Center for Information Accessibility at Access Israel, has arrangements in place allowing customers to receive written information in a format customized for their needs, provided that a request is made in advance. This includes converting the information to an audio file (mp3), a digital file, or Braille.


Interpretation into sign language

With the support of the Institute for the Advancement of Deaf Persons in Israel, Discount offers deaf and hard-of-hearing customers the services of a professional sign language interpreter in meetings with bank representatives. This service is provided for meetings which involve complex information (such as mortgage advice, pension advice, account creation, providing credit, etc.), provided that the bank is given advance notice. To receive this service, customers will be asked to consent to the presence of a third party at the meeting.


Discount Telebank (our service hotline at *6111)

Discount Telebank’s call routing system has been customized to address the needs of people with disabilities. The information in the call routing system is recorded at a slow pace, in simple language, and without background music.


Chat with a banker via the Discount app

Sometimes, customers with speech or hearing impairments prefer to contact the bank representatives in writing. In addition to the written communication options already in place, such as the “Contact us” page on the bank’s website, or the ability to send a fax, from now on, customers will be able to contact bank representatives in writing using the “Chat with a banker” service in the Discount app. With this service, customers can receive information and/or carry out transactions subject to the terms and conditions and restrictions. To use this service, log on to the Discount app (after a short authentication process) and select the “Chat with a banker” option from the main menu. More information about the service, including times of availability, is listed in the app.


Service without waiting in line

To receive service without waiting in line, present a Disabled Person Certificate issued by the National Insurance Institute or the Welfare Division of the Ministry of Defense, which expressly notes a “queuing exemption. Senior citizens who are 80 or older and present an ID specifying their age are also eligible.


Service animals

Customers may enter all Discount branches with a service animal, including a service dog in training led by its trainer.

Contact information for the accessibility coordinator at Discount

  • Name: Shikma Sabbah
  • Mailing address: 23 Yehuda Halevy St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa
  • Email address:


Publication of accessibility declaration

The accessibility declaration was updated on: 8.8.2022


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