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Corporate Banking at Discount Bank

Banking Services for Corporations

1. Corporation Department

If you require financing for a major transaction by a syndicate of multiple financing providers – we are there for you, to manage the financing providers for your transaction.

Need international banking services? That’s what we’re here for, with our extensive connections with leading international banking institutions.

These same connections will also be of assistance when you seek to hedge your foreign trade risk and to protect your profitability from market volatility - and speaking of foreign trade, our foreign trade experts will help you make the most of the global opportunities that awaityou.

In addition to our team of expert bankers, our Corporation Department provides you with state-of-the-art online systems, allowing you to make transactions using direct banking channels.

2. Real estate and infrastructure

Our Real Estate and Infrastructure Department offers unique, specialized professional services 

Construction and real estate

Financing for residential and commercial construction - financial assistance starting from the purchase of land through project completion, with regular monitoring of progress by project phase, issuing of guarantees and vouchers to home buyers.

Ongoing financing for construction and infrastructure contractors.

Financing for rental property:


Financing for various infrastructure projects: Assistance for government-sponsored infrastructure PPP transactions, expertise  in financing for diverse energy-related projects.

For more information and to schedule a meeting:

Ms. Michal Caspi Shapira - Manager, Real Estate and Infrastructure Department, 03-5144711

3. Advisory service for corporations

Personal consulting  for corporations

Discount Bank's team of experts provides personal consultingto corporations and executives in the fields of investmentand inliquidity and asset management. This advisory service is provided by senior advisors and leading analysts - members of the bank's investment committee, available to you at all times  for any inquiry, question or request.

Our advisors specialize in sectors, allowing us to provide professional advice in whichever business sector your company may engage, focused on the specific attributes of your business

Our advisory service is provided by professionals with a broad market perspective, proven track record and proactive experience - all designed to provide real value to our clients.

One stop shop

Banker - investment advisor at your corporation's service         

Discount Bank's senior investment advisors, who are also members of the bank's investment committee, are assigned to provide personal service to each corporation, assisting with capital market investment decisions.

Our investment advisors provide you with a one stop shop for all activities: transactions with our trading room, currency hedging transactions, forward transactions and interest rate quotes

Market making

Our brokerage and trading room provide the best service for your money

Brokers at the bank's trading room are market makers who specialize in getting optimal price quotes.

Through our traders, you will be able to execute transactions  in OTC financial instruments - transactions not traded on the stock exchange and tailored to our clients, transactions linked to foreign currency, interest and theCPI - including forwardtransactions, options and derivatives.

We provide you with management tools

Asset allocation compared to a benchmark

Investment advisory service is provided for all your corporation's financial assets (even those assets managed by other financial institutions).

Our experts analyze your asset allocation, in line with the corporation's investment policy, to construct a theoretical investment portfolio in line with the corporation's policy. This portfolio may serve as reference for monitoring and control of actual investments by corporate management.

Face-to-face with our experts  

An opportunity for expert discussion with corporate management

Senior capital market experts, economists, investment advisors and analysts, on behalf of the bank, provide professional presentations to the corporation's management and investment committee.

These presentations provide an opportunity for expert discussion, from macro-economic issues to investment issues specific to the corporation.

 Your executives are our VIPs

Personal investment advice for corporate executives     

Our capital market experts are at your service, even for handling the personal financial assets of your executives.

Their account is managed at the bank's VIP department.

Investment in research - investment in the future Our research and analysis services are available to you

Discount Bank experts are at your service to provide unique analysis (micro and macro), recommendations on bonds based on a unique model developed by our Research Department as well as analysis of bond issuances.

Our team is at your service:

Mr. Zaki (Zecharia) Vainshtein - Manager of the investment department for business and commercial clients
Telephone: 076-8057590

Ms. Michal Dolev - Senior investment advisor
Telephone: 076-8055317

Ms. Hadas Shenhav - Senior investment advisor
Telephone: 076-8054657

Mr. Moshe Farage - Business development banker
Telephone: 076-8057761

Mr. Alex Vainshtein - Senior investment advisor- Specialization in foreign exchange OTC sector
Telephone: 076-8058764