Small businesses

Small businesses with big ambitions

Because every small business needs big tools to help it grow

Looking at the business world, we discover that every big business once started small... with an idea, a thought, with the right work and also – with the tools that the bank makes available. with the tools provided for them by the bank. At Discount Bank, we know that sometimes even small businesses need big solutions in order to develop, which is why we have developed for you, the small business owners, the tools that will help your business grow. You don't have to be a large business to benefit from the special service provided by the professional bankers at our branches: tools for financial management vis-à-vis the authorities, employees and suppliers, a "Key" credit card designated to businesses, pension consulting and more.
The system of service for businesses at the Discount Bank branches provides a quick, accurate and effective response to any business opportunity and professional need.
Our team of bankers, who specialize in accompanying businesses, will be pleased to assist you in optimizing business work processes vis-à-vis the bank, thereby saving your business time and money.

Whom is the service intended for?

The service rendered in the branches is designed for businesses with:

  • Operating turnover of up to NIS 15 million per year
  • Bank credit of up to NIS 4-5 million

If you are interested in receiving a unique offer to open a business account at Discount Bank, please leave your details And we will contact you as soon as possible.

Business+ website

Managing your business account through your website and app?

It's possible, and even simple!

Business+ enables smart, accessible, available and easy-to-operate business banking.

In Business+, the information on the homepage can be customized according to the topics that are important to your business activity, and each time you enter the website, you will receive updates with information that is important for you to know.

The information that can be obtained on Business +

Summary of account balances, credit cards, salaries, checks, deposits, loans, foreign currency, future credits –you decide on the order of display. In addition, it is possible to perform several actions simultaneously, while examining various data in the background.

Here are some of the actions you can perform using the website:

  • Transfer of salaries and payments to suppliers directly from the business account in a quick, short and controlled process.
  • Transfer to multiple beneficiaries in one action.
  • Transfer of funds in large amounts and ZAHAV transfers (while supporting signatory compositions).
  • Making transfers from your account to banks in Israel or abroad, in foreign currency or shekels.
  • Get an instant loan to your account*.
  • Establish a new authorization to charge an account or transfer an existing authorization from another bank.
  • Receive messages from the bank using the Discount Mail service, including saving messages for up to 7 years.

And more, all at reduced costs and at the highest security levels.

More information is available on Business + App