Disruptions in activity vis-a'-vis Russia and in the Russian ruble currency

Recently, various international sanctions were imposed on Russia, including on banks, companies and individuals, as well as certain areas in Russia and Ukraine.

It is important for us to keep you informed of the changes also taking place in the conduct of banking business:

  • Transactions involving the Russian currency, the Ruble, and money transfers to and from certain banks – have been blocked at this stage.

  • Other financial transactions vis-à-vis the area will be examined on a case-by-case basis, against the international sanctions that apply at the time.

Consequently, money transfers to and/or from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus may not be executed.

Do take into consideration and prepare for the fact that instructions to execute such transactions will not be honored, or will be stopped by the bank or by other banks providing a service to the bank, or that there will be a delay in the execution of said transactions.