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Access control at Discount Bank
Discount bank is constantly striving to innovate, renew and develop measures to ensure safe browsing and to safely conduct transactions on Discount@Internet, using the strongest security methods and encryption systems available.

As part of these innovations, the bank operates an advanced system to assure users that they are indeed viewing the Discount Bank website (Extended Validation Ev - SSL):
When accessing the bank website and your account online, you will see a clearly displayed indicator on the green-colored address line, which indicates the highest security level.
Click this line to view information regarding the website owner and to confirm that your communication with the website is secure.
The green-colored address line can only be seen on secure web pages (https://) and is available on the major browsers: Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher), Mozilla Firefox (version 3 or higher).

Additional services contributing to improved security at Discount@Internet

  • Client action log - client actions and access to account information are logged in the bank's computer systems.
  • Encryption and confirmation - to protect all transmitted data, all website traffic is encrypted using strong 128-bit SSL encryption.

The bank is doing its utmost to protect your privacy and to keep your information in confidence. However, keeping your passwords safe, protecting your personal workstation (using anti-virus software and protection software) and being aware of suspicious, unusual events - all these will allow you to securely access your accounts and to conduct banking transactions, any time, any place.

Authentication with Discount@Internet
The bank takes many steps to secure access to your account through the website:

Access to your account is only possible using your ID / subscription number (businesses), personal password and user code / Discode (businesses).
The system measures the strength of your password and user code in order to avoid use of a password or a user code that may be guessed easily.
Your account data cannot be accessed concurrently from multiple computers.
A separate security mechanism disconnects the service after several minutes of inactivity.
If the password you received at your branch has not been used within 30 days of enrollment in the service, this password will expire automatically.
If a password change did not take place within 180 consecutive days, the system will require you to change the password.

Why was my account access blocked?
To protect your account against unauthorized access, Discount@Internet will block your account after several unsuccessful access attempts.

If your account has been blocked, please follow the instructions shown on your screen.

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