Foreign trade in small businesses

Enter the world of foreign trade with Discount Bank's experts
Back in the days when the words "foreign trade" sounded almost like science fiction, we at Discount Bank were already there. As pioneers in the field of financing, we knew that those who want to break out need an experienced banker to help them open the door to the world.

Based on this concept, we put at your service a unit of professionals: bankers who are familiar with your business in the best way possible and are in regular contact with you, and at the same time, benefit from a network of contacts and comprehensive international experience. All of this is mobilized for one goal: fulfillment of all the business opportunities that the world opens up to you.

The foreign trade map changes frequently following global geopolitical changes, such as the transition in the West from a "manufacturing economy" to a "service economy", or financial changes such as trade agreements, fluctuations in currency rates, etc. That is why importers and exporters alike need professionals who live in this dynamic world at any given moment, and who can help you prepare for changes and take advantage of new opportunities.

China's growing economy, the huge Indian market, dynamic economies such as those of Thailand and Singapore, emerging Vietnam – all of these provide a tremendous platform for business growth, but also require the attention of professionals who are familiar with the rules and know the forces that drive the local economy: governmental entities, banks, and local corporations.

So if the world is your business, our foreign trade unit is part of your path to success – or, as we say at Discount Bank: when it comes to Global, we are the most specific.