Pensionary consulting

Pensionary consulting from Discount Bank's experts To make your dreams come true...

Many of us sometimes dream of the day when we can already play with our grandchildren, read books, devote ourselves to our hobbies... What are your plans for life after retirement, and more importantly – are you backing them up with savings that will allow you to fulfill them all?

We at Discount Bank believe that the infrastructure for a good life after the retirement period begins today – by building a correct, balanced pension portfolio that is adapted to your dreams and capabilities.

Seeing the importance of the issue, the Israeli government has decided to revolutionize the field and separated the manufacturers of pension plans, their agents and marketers, and pension consultants. This way, you can be sure that the consultants will provide you with objective, comprehensive advice that takes into account both your unique needs and the products available on the market to provide an adequate response to these needs.

Since a uniform "distribution fees" have been set for the consultants, the bank and the consultants on its behalf have no financial interest in preferring one pension product over another – beyond the consideration of its suitability for you.

To guarantee you the best professional advice, Discount Bank has recruited the experts in the industry, a team of professionals who are well acquainted with all products: executive insurance for employees and the self-employed, provident funds, pension funds, and training funds. At the same time, software unique to Discount Bank was developed for them, to help create a pension mix that is tailored to each of you personally

The pension consultants at Discount Bank branches will be happy to examine your pension portfolio free of charge.