Checking Accounts

Our purpose, at Discount Bank, is to be the best bank for our customers.
We invest in efforts in order to provide each and every customer with professional,
fast and efficient service.
We invite you to join our loyal, long term customers,
who are most satisfied with our digital service experience!
Checking Accounts

What can you expect from your checking account?

We offer service and products for a diverse range of clients and understand that every stage in life has its own needs and means. Therefore, we believe our bankers role includes knowing how to help you merge the two.

Whether you are students, teachers or doctors, salary-earners or self-employed, existing clients or new-comers, we offer you financial guidance for every stage of life.

Which account is right for you?

New Clients

New Clients

Student Banking

Student Banking

Special Offers for Professionals

Special Offers for Professionals

לפרטים נוספים

New Clients

  • 100% discount on current account fees

  • Special conditions for credit cards for loans

  • Discounts on commissions in securities activity

Student Banking

  • 100% discount on a variety of fees

  • Loans under special conditions

  • Credit limit up to NIS 1,000 without interest

Special Offers for Professionals

  • Current account without fees

  • Loans with conditions that should not be missed

  • An upgrade package of benefits in securities

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