Foreign trade in Business+

Importers and exporters, have you already visited the foreign trade area?

Your international trade activity has never been more convenient, efficient, and profitable!
in the foreign trade area of the Business+ website you will find advanced technology, data that is updated in real time, and the possibility to manage your international activities efficiently and conveniently from any place, at any time, and in any currency.

What can you do in the foreign trade area?

Obtain detailed information in real time

History of transactions – production of customized reports for the foreign trade transactions that you have carried out in all bank channels, for a period of up to two years back. You can perform a search according to selected criteria and export the information to an excel or pdf file.

Open transactions query – information on documentary credit transactions and documents for collection that have not yet been completed.

Monitoring of transaction status at any given moment – has the instruction been received by the bank? Is it being treated? Has it been completed? The system is updated in real time.

Expected payments query – viewing all future payments and receipts, and filtering and sorting options according to parameters for selection, including: amount, currency, name of the supplier, range of dates, invoice number, and more.

Tax approval balances query – when making foreign exchange transfers, the query enables monitoring of the utilization of annual facilities for tax-exempt purposes and exemptions for the beneficiary.

Carry out a wide variety of actions

Foreign exchange transfers – transmission of instructions to make payment for goods or services, and foreign exchange transfers. When entering the details of the instruction, the correctness of the IBAN number is checked and the beneficiary's bank details are automatically filled in, including the SWIFT code.

When entering the details of taxable transfers, a check is made of the tax approval facilities that are entered in the bank's systems, and a check of the balance by currency is also carried out, taking into account the instructions that have not yet been sent to the bank or are currently being processed by the bank (calculated balances)

It is possible to view the copy of the SWIFT and the billing message after the operation has been carried out.

Transmission of instructions for execution on future dates – possibility to transmit instructions, while setting a future date for execution.

Uploading a set of instructions – sending a file with multiple instructions to carryout a payment in foreign currency in Israel and abroad, with the click of a button, from your accounting system. For more information on foreign exchange transfers

Payment in the facility of documents for collection – transmission of instructions for making payments via documents for collection transactions whose due date has arrived. For more information about documents for collection

Submitting a request to open or to correct a documentary credit on import – transmission of an instruction to open a documentary credit and/or to correct it, which constitutes an irrevocable and conditional commitment of the bank who provides the credit to the exporter. For more information about documentary credit

Approving instructions in a centralized manner – the possibility of selecting several instructions at the same time and approving them with the click of a button.

Beneficiary management – adding, updating, and deleting a beneficiary independently through the website.

Replication of a transaction to the beneficiary – making a repeated transaction to the same beneficiary, while filling in details automatically by the system (apart from the amount), with the possibility of changing details.

Uploading documents: option to send a document to the bank, when entering an instruction or separately.

Foreign currency receipts: receiving a text message about a receipt that is awaiting approval on the website. After completing the details and transmitting the request for credit, the receipt will be forwarded to the bank for further processing.

Option to receive a text message regarding an instruction awaiting signature.

Carrying out operations in complex rounds of signatures – according to criteria that suit you (for example, by groups of signatories, scaled amounts, parallel signatures, serial signatures).

Providing differential permissions – to different users for displaying information and performing actions (for example, permission to enter data without access to information).

And if you need any help?

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