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Mortgage Routes at Discount Bank

Discount offers you a variety of mortgage routes

You have found the home where you want to live, become a family and raise your children. Like any exciting event in life, when purchasing an apartment, we are at your side, happy to help you choose the right mortgage route that is the most economical for you.

How to choose a mortgage route?

Mortgage routes differ in from each other in variables such as interest, linkage, repayment period, and each route has its pros and cons. There are routes that allow you to change the conditions "on the move", while others have fixed conditions throughout the period. Some mortgages are spread over many years and allow for lower monthly repayments, while others have short repayment periods thereby saving on interest payments.

You can “diversify risk" and combine a number of routes into a mortgage mix that suits your needs and abilities. The mortgage advisors in Discount branches will be happy to get to know you and provide you with their knowledge and experience, and together with you, assemble the mortgage that suits you best.

Choose from routes with beneficial conditions:

Linked Mortgage Routes

Mortgages in this route are linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is published monthly and reflects the purchasing power in the economy. In these routes, the actual value of the interest is affected by the increase or decrease in the CPI. 

Unlinked Mortgage Routes

In mortgage routes that are not affected by changes in the index, the cost of a mortgage is based on the Prime lending rate, which is determined each month by the Bank of Israel, plus a predetermined margin.

Special Mortgage Routes

Our special routes include a variety of mortgages, with fixed or variable interest, with varying conditions and repayment periods.

* Failure to repay the loan is liable to incur interest on arrears and trigger a lien filing process.

We are at your service for any inquiries!

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If you have any further questions, or if you are not satisfied with the response you received, you may also contact Ms. Riki Harel, Manager, Mortgage-related Public Inquiries, by fax at 03-5158169.