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The Promise of Tomorrow - Today

Although choosing a pension plan is one of the most important financial decisions of your life - most people are not aware of this importance. Some focus on the here and now, without much thought of tomorrow; some believe that their monthly contribution at their place of employment is sufficient to ensure that they will be able to maintain their standard of living after retirement; and some believe that randomly selecting your pension plan is just how it’s done.

Why choose Discount Bank?

At Discount Bank, we provide you with professional, objective, independent advice focused on finding the pension plan that suits you. We help you secure your future - today.

To ensure that the advice you get is free of any foreign interest, regulations stipulate that the bank is entitled to a distribution fee for providing objective pension advice to clients, which is uniform regardless of which pension product you choose. Since this distribution fee is currently paid to the bank by pension plan providers, you receive our objective advice free of charge.

Your advisor has no vested interest in you choosing any particular product or provider (but he does care about you choosing the most appropriate plan for you).

Objective advice is one good reason to prefer Discount Bank's advisory service - but it’s not the only reason.

Discount Bank advisors - the professional experts

Immediately upon implementation of the reform in the pension plan market, Discount Bank recruited the best experts in pension insurance for salaried employees and for the self-employed, provident funds, pension funds and study funds - to serve as advisors at bank branches throughout Israel.

These experts do not rest on their laurels. They constantly broaden their knowledge in the field of pension plans, taxation and investment - assisted by unique advisory software developed by the bank to assist advisors in creating the mix of pension plans appropriate for each client's needs.

These advisors are at your service, whenever you wish to review how appropriate your individual pension portfolio is for your situation and your needs.

We are happy to provide this service - at no charge to you.

For more information, visit any Discount Bank branch or call TeleBank Discount at *6111.

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