Deposits and Savings

We have a variety of programs for a variety of needs, tell us what your need is and we will find a suitable program for you

Thinking Ahead

Today, life requires us to know how to manage our money smartly over time. Savings and investments take thinking and planning.

The Discount Bank expert team is prepared to help you with all savings and investment options: deposits, capital market investment and customized pension plans - based on each client's financial and pension needs. If you wish to start saving for your children's tuition, or would like to select the appropriate pension plans for you and know how much you should start depositing every month for your chosen plans, or if you want to start investing in the capital market and have your money work for you - the Discount Bank team of professionals is at your service.

Deposits and savings

The world of deposits and savings consists of a wide range of investment options for varying time frames. We are at your service to plan the best route for your needs and to allow you to make the most out of your money.

  • Highly lucrative deposits bearing attractive interest. Make quick, easy deposits through our website
  • Range of low-risk deposits, for any purpose over the short- or long-term

Do you wish to invest in the capital market?

It is important to direct your investments based on your current needs - but also looking to the future. It is just as important to adapt your investments to your personality - do you prefer a low-risk investment or are you in favor of a high-risk investment with an adrenaline rush?

Discount Bank has a team of experienced, professional investment advisors at your service. Click here to read more about the capital market at Discount Bank

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