Business Online Banking

At Discount Bank, we believe that there is no substitute for personal contact with clients at the branches - but we also know that your time is precious. In order to conduct a range of transactions when it’s convenient for you - we invite you to familiarize yourself with our direct banking services:

A Smart Service for Secure Access to Your Account

Install the Discode application to benefit from greater security and maximum convenience.

What is the Discode application?

The Discode application generates a one-time access code for you, which changes once every set time period.

When accessing the secure website, after entering your ID and password, you will be required to enter the code displayed on your mobile screen at that time.

Discode advantages:

  • Only you know the access code for your account.
  • You do not need to memorize this code.
  • It is accessible from any computer or smart device on which the application is installed.
  • It is constantly changing, and therefore does not allow for monitoring or malicious use.
  • It significantly increases the authentication security level for access to your account.

Installing the Discode application:

The application may be installed on various devices and simultaneously on different devices (smart phone, tablet or PC). The Discode is concurrently displayed on all devices on which the application is installed.

To download the Discode application to your smartphone, scan the appropriate code for your device:


Click here to download the Discode application to your PC

By clicking this link, you will download a ZIP file containing the runtime files for the Discode application for PC to your computer.

System requirements for installation of the Discode application for PC:

  • Windows operating system (XP, Windows 7, Windows 8).
  • 200MB free space on the computer hard drive.

Enrollment in the service:

You may enroll in the service at the bank branch. The application will be activated upon entering your individual installation code, which will be provided to you when you enroll in the service.

If you cannot or do not wish to use the Discode application, you may receive a separate mobile Discode device which has a small screen on which the current code is displayed - as it is displayed in the application.

This device is personal and will be delivered to you, or to your authorized representative, upon enrollment in the service.

We are at your service for any queries by phone: 03-9439191