Large businsses

Credit for large businesses

Services offered to the business client:

  • Professional financial support in the business system
    Unique banking services from Discount Bank 's team of experts
    The Business Division of Discount Bank provides professional financial support services to the largest companies in the Israeli economy, which coordinate their business activities both in Israel and abroad.
    Clients are handled by professional teams headed by managers of business branches specializing in the various areas related to the company's financial activity, and receive banking service from a comprehensive business perspective – starting from adjusting the credit mix to the company's needs, through ongoing handling of the integration of the various bank units, to ongoing business operation of the company's activities at the bank.
  • Unique services
    • Syndication service – organization of financing transactions and provision of large-scale credit, business cooperation with additional financiers (banking and/or institutional), while the day-to-day management remains under the bank's responsibility.
    • International banking services and hedging of foreign trade risks through a broad network of relationships with leading banks worldwide.
    • Business relationships with correspondent banks leading the field with a wide global spread.
    • Credit management - building a credit portfolio and credit mix that match the nature of the company.
      • Provision of bank guarantees, for example: tender, execution, credit security.
      • Short-term credit – credit for financing working capital, long-term credit.
      • Providing discounting/factoring services.
      • .Financing of infrastructure projects.

At your disposal is a team of expert bankers and the most advanced online systems, so that you can operate using the Direct Banking channels.

For more information and to schedule a personal appointment with the Business Division Director, contact us by phone: 076-8058789.