Loans and Credit Facilities

Costume Loans and Maximum Flexibility

Each of us has our own needs and goals, and sometimes we have a large one-time expense we are not always able to cover from our regular income. This is what loans are for. Before taking a loan - you should choose the type of loan that fits your needs and abilities, such as a short-term loan or one that is repaid over the long-term.

What are your needs?

  • Custom loans for major events – wedding, child birth, relocation, family vacation, etc.
  • Loans for relocation and home design
  • Custom loans for students, youths and by special arrangement
  • Loans for buying a new or used car

How would you like your loan?

  • Direct loan – a loan amounting to NIS 1,000-100,000 depending on your account activity, obtained simply and immediately through our website.
  • Flexible loan – a general-purpose loan which allows you to choose the monthly payment in advance, based on your expected repayment capacity over the loan term.
  • Promotional loan – a general-purpose loan at attractive terms and conditions, for a limited time.

Credit facilities

The bank provides a credit facility to clients, backed by a signed agreement with the client. At Discount Bank, this facility includes up to two lines of credit. This allows you to enjoy the convenience of an available source of credit which can be used for any purpose. This is a good option for those looking for maximum flexibility.

* Failure to repay the loan is liable to incur interest on arrears and trigger a lien filing process.

For more information, visit any Discount Bank branch or call TeleBank Discount at *6111.

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