Secure Login to Your Account

Bank policies regarding permanent passwords

  • The information and access permissions are intended for you only
  • Bank notifications will be sent in a secure environment as part of a process of tightening the security measures of the Bank to ensure confidentiality of information and protect your privacy
  • Notifications by email/text which include bank information will be sent in encrypted files which can be opened by entering a password
  • If you have set a password on the website or the application, use that password. If you forgot your password or did not set one, click the link you receive in a message from the Bank to have a password sent by text message (SMS) to the updated telephone number in the Bank's records
  • Passwords are valid for half a year and may be set/changed at any time through the Bank website and/or the application
  • Your permanent password is a means of identification and should not be transmitted to anyone, even individuals claiming to be employees of the Bank
  • It is very important to remember to notify the Bank of a lost phone or change in telephone number so the person who has them cannot use your password
  • If any stakeholders or any individuals identifying themselves as representatives of the Bank ask for your means of identification, refuse and report the request immediately to your branch or to Discount Telebank. Likewise, notify the Bank of any changes to the email address you gave the Bank at registration