Group Structure

Discount Group Subsidiaries  Comprehensive Financial Activity in Israel and Abroad

Discount Group is a universal group that offers its customers comprehensive banking services in Israel and abroad, in all areas of financial activity. Operations in Israel are focused on credit cards through the Cal Company, investments through Discount Capital Markets, portfolio management through the Tafnit Company and the realm of trust funds through its subsidiary Discount Trust.
International operations are focused on business activities and on private banking, and are carried out mainly through its subsidiary IDBNY and representatives in Switzerland.
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Additional details on Discount’s main banking companies:

Activity in Israel:

Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd.

Mercantile Discount Bank is among the oldest banks in Israel and has been in existence for about 100 years. Since 1993, the Bank is wholly owned by Discount Bank. It is a commercial bank that operates through 80 branches throughout the country, in cities and especially in the outlying areas. The Bank has a concentration of branches in target sectors - the northern sector and the ultra-orthodox sector.
The Bank specializes, among other things, in the commercial activity of small and commercial businesses, including the provision of financing from state-guaranteed funds.
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Israel Credit Cards Ltd. (Cal)

The Bank has holdings of 71.8% in Israel Credit Cards Ltd. (Cal) and 51% of Diners Club Israel Ltd., who issue and market Visa, Diners and MasterCard credit cards for domestic and overseas use. The company offers a wide range of issuance services, clearing and payment solutions for more than two million credit cards and tens of thousands of businesses in Israel.
As of December 31, 2014, the Bank held 71.8% of the capital and 79.0% of the voting rights in Cal. The First International Bank held the remaining rights in Cal at that time.
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Discount Capital

The company is engaged in investment banking, investing in private funds, venture capital funds and other real investments. DCM is also engaged in the distribution of securities and in securities issuance underwriting and management through a subsidiary.
The company is wholly owned and controlled by the Bank.
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Discount Trust Ltd.

Discount Trust Ltd. was founded in 1944 and is one of the oldest trust companies.
The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Discount Bank and is defined as an “auxiliary banking corporation”.
The company team includes lawyers and financial experts and uses the consulting and implementation services of experts in their fields. The Trust Company offers business and private clients a varied range of services at a high quality level of service while strictly safeguarding the client’s interests.
The Company offices are located at 52 Menachem Begin Road, 19th floor, Tel-Aviv.
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Tafnit Discount Asset Management Ltd.

The company was founded in 1987 and is wholly owned by the Discount Bank Group.
Tafnit specializes in the management of investment portfolios in Israel and abroad for a wide range of clients including private clients, Israeli and foreign residents, public and private companies, non-profit organizations, government based companies, associations and many other corporations.
The Company’s main office is located in the Azrieli Center, Square Bldg., 28th floor, 132 Menachem Begin Road, Tel-Aviv.
The Company has 2 branches, in Jerusalem and in Haifa.

International Activity

Discount Bank Group's operations abroad are mainly carried out through its subsidiary "Discount Bancorp Inc.", which owns banks and representative offices in America and Latin America and a subsidiary in Switzerland.
The international activity is characterized by commercial business activity and by private banking.


A subsidiary fully owned and controlled by the Bank, it is a bank holding company incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware. Bancorp holds full ownership and control of IDB New York.

IDB New York

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank, IDB New York is the largest Israeli bank operating overseas and maintains branches in New York, Florida, California and the Cayman Islands.
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IDB New York Representative Office in Israel:
18 Raul Wallenberg St., Building D, 4th Floor, Tel Aviv 6971915
Name of representative: Shimi Barazany