Discount Group Strategic Plan

Discount Group is a diversified and stable financial group that has significant major holdings in Israel and abroad. The Bank and the Group have a longstanding and loyal customer base, a wide network of branches, service based on personal relationships and professional and dedicated employees.

In August 2014 the Discount Group launched its strategic plan; a clear plan, with a course, a direction and goals, and based on a realistic look at the Group’s strengths and the challenges it faces. The strategic plan, for the years 2015-2019, is based on in-depth analysis and detailed planning by the bank and covers all of Discount Group’s areas of activity.

The plan deals with three main topics –

  1. Increased efficiency and simplification of procedures, including adjustments to the organizational structure, a reduction in real estate areas and continuous improvement of work processes
  2. Targeted growth in retail, with a focus on our customers
  3. Implementation of an organizational culture supportive of change, focused on the customer, based on performance and excellence and on the development and nurturing of human capital

We are confident that the Discount Group’s strategic plan will strengthen its position as a leading banking group in Israel, will lead to continuous improvement in the Group’s results and contribute to strengthening the relationship with our customers.

Customer focused growth

We at Discount are committed to a personal, amiable and professional service experience for all our customers. We believe that we must combine consideration with professionalism, and with that in mind we conduct our daily activity.

We believe that the provision of personal and altruistic service experiences requires familiarity with our customers and their families, their financial needs and goals, and accordingly – provision of the optimal tools to achieve the goals they have defined for themselves.

As part of this approach, we launched the Discount Family Banking Program back in 2013, with the understanding that the family is one of the foundations supporting each of us and in recognition of its economic power. We chose to place the family in the center of our business activity, aiming to be the best bank for families in Israel.