Credit Cards

Choose the Right Card for You

Discount Bank offers a range of credit cards to suit your individual needs:


The most widely-accepted credit card brand in the world invites you into a world of benefits, promotions and discounts. Credit cards allow you to purchase goods and services from merchants, online and over the phone. With international Gold and Platinum Visa cards you can also make purchases overseas.

Credit cards allow you to withdraw cash at ATMs, obtain information and conduct banking transactions using Mashov machines at branches.

Diners Club

This credit card allows you to purchase goods and services from merchants, online and over the phone. International and platinum credit cards also allow you to make purchases overseas.

Holders of Diners Club credit cards can join one of the loyalty clubs and benefit from discounts in their areas of interest:

High Miles club - this club offers benefits to members of the El Al Matmid frequent flyer club, just the right ticket for those who often travel overseas.

Fly Card

This credit card with El Al Matmid frequent flyer club membership offers the best accrual ratio in Israel. Every time you shop, you earn points that bring you closer to your next flights. This card also provides you with cultural promotions from Diners, consumer promotions from YOU club and Discount Key promotions.

There are two types of cards:

  • Fly Card
    Every time you use the Fly Card credit card, you accrue Matmid frequent flyer points which bring you closer to your next flight with the best accrual ratio: Spend NIS 250 - earn 1 Matmid frequent flyer point
  • Fly Card Premium
    This card is offered to Silver, Gold, Platinum and Top Platinum members of Matmid frequent flyer club and to new Matmid members who commit to monthly spending of NIS 10,000 or more on their credit card

Silver Key Visa (debit card)

Using your Silver Key is based on your checking account balance, since your checking account is charged on the transaction date or soon thereafter. This card carries no credit limit and transactions using this card count against the credit limit on your bank account. You can use the card to make purchases valued at up to NIS 5,000 per transaction. This card is designed for making regular transactions only - it cannot be used for transactions by standing order, installments, credit or automatic account debit.

Key 2Go card

This card allows parents to transfer money in real time to their children - or to anyone of their choosing - to be used at any point of sale or ATM.The Key 2Go card is a re-chargeable card which may be used anywhere you can use Visa CAL credit cards. The card may be used to make cash withdrawals up to NIS 400 per day and to make purchases of up to NIS 400 per day.