Advanced technological services for businesses

Computerized business account management

Advanced services that are operated directly from the business' bookkeeping software

Discount Bank provides its business clients with a wide range of technological services that enable computerized and efficient management of the accounts.

The advanced services are operated directly from the bookkeeping / payroll software on the business computer.

What actions can be carried out using the service?

  • Depositing cash checks and deferred checks
  • Paying salaries to employees
  • Making payments to suppliers
  • Receiving the breakdown of transactions in your accounts for bank reconciliation purposes
  • Receiving information about the accounts by fax

What are the advantages of the service to business clients?

  • Reduction of fees for using a communication channel
  • The actions are carried out directly from the business' bookkeeping software
  • Computerized control of your actions, including documentation of the original instructions, operation times and information of the person carrying out the action on your behalf
  • No employee training is required, other than the existing knowledge in bookkeeping

Receiving information from the bank

  • Bank reconciliations using a secure mailbox:
    the service allows you to receive the details of the transactions that are made in the account on a daily or monthly basis, through a secure mailbox – for the purpose of automated bank reconciliation directly to the bookkeeping software in the business.
  • Bank reconciliation through "Bezeq International" (Bezeq Zahav):
    a service in cooperation with Bezeq International that enables the receipt of daily transactions in the account to an e-mail box that is managed by Bezeq International.

Computerized fax

A service that allows you to receive by fax information on your accounts on a wide variety of subjects, as well as sending financial instructions.

Depositing checks from the business place

"Keshev" service – a service that enables making deposits of cash checks and deferred checks in an automated manner.

Salary and miscellaneous payments

A service that allows you to transmit a file of salary payments to employees and payments to suppliers directly to the bank.

To join the service, you can contact the branch where your account is managed and request to join the service.

For further information or technical and operational support, please contact the Computerized Client Support Unit Hotline: