Business Portfolio Service

Business portfolio service

What is the business portfolio service?

Deposit of cash for business clients without the need to stand in line.

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Who is the business portfolio service suitable for?

A business client, with an average monthly cash deposit of NIS 7,500 or more, who is subscribed to the Business+ app.

Terms of service:

The credit of the client's account will occur on the day on which the deposit bag is delivered to the branch.

The count will be carried out up to 5 business days from the date of the deposit.

The account will be credited/debited in respect of the differences accordingly.

How to join the service?

Sign a service subscription form at the branch.

Define the persons who will be authorized to make a statement at the branch / on the app.

Receive designated bags for depositing cash.

And... that's it, you're ready to go.

How to make a deposit?

Download the Business+ app

On the login screen of the app, click on "Deposit a business portfolio".

Enter the ID number and the mobile number of the person making the statement.

Enter a one-time code that will be received via a text message.

Scan the barcode on the cash bag.

Declare the composition of the bills.

Hand over the bag at the branch.

What is a declarant and how do you add/remove a declarant?

A declarant is any person who is defined as authorized to make a declaration by the account owner / an authorized signatory in the account.

The declarant does not have to have a connection to the account.

Adding/removing declarants is carried out in the Business+ app, under the business portfolio category in the menu.

The details that are required to define a declarant: ID number, first and last name, mobile number.
Why join the Business Portfolio service?

All of the activity is reflected to the client in real time.

The declarations and deposits that were made can be viewed at any stage.

Sorting and filtering can be carried out according to a variety of options.

It is possible to view the deposit status at any stage.

It is possible to view the breakdown of the differences and the reason for the difference.

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