Specialist banking for capital market entities

A variety of services and the best experts of Discount Bank await you

At Discount Bank, we make the best experts available to the entities that are active in the capital market, with a personal, direct approach, which is precisely tailored to your unique needs:

  • A personal banker to manage all of your banking activity – we make available to our clients, specialist entities in the capital market, an accompanying personal banker, who is responsible for managing all of the client's activity in the bank.
  • A single interface point – one central service team, specialized in the field and always available – which manages and guides all of your banking activity in general and the activity in the capital market in particular.

The areas in which our team of experts is at your service:

Brokerage and transaction room

A link to the brokerage dealers in the transaction room of the bank. Traders who are "market makers" and specialize in obtaining optimal quotes.

Transactions in OTC financial instruments – transactions that are not traded on the stock exchange and are specifically tailored to the client – transactions that are linked to currency, interest rate, and index. In general, this includes future transactions, options, and derivatives.

Short and long term deposits

Obtaining interest quotes directly from the transaction room for short, medium, and long term periods.

Lending of securities

The dedicated securities lending department, which specializes in lending securities and manages a dynamic database of lenders and borrowers.

Exposure and credit facilities:

A dedicated business manager, specializing in the provision of credit to entities who are active in the capital market.

We invite you to contact us:

Phone number of the Capital Market Business Administration Office: 076-8056933