Foreign securities

Discount Bank works for you in the stock exchanges all over the world

Our skilled team also operates in a variety of stock exchanges in the world, with an emphasis on the US and

European markets, and is in direct and online contact with the leading entities in the world. Here are some of the products we handle for you:

  • Shares that are traded on the various exchanges in the world, a trading system for day traders
  • Government bonds
  • Corporate debentures
  • Participation issuances of corporate debentures and government bonds in the initial market
  • Work vis-à-vis about 60 entities, among the world's leaders in bond market making
  • Exchange traded funds abroad
  • Commodities (precious metals – trading in ounces)
  • Building structured products on demand
  • Options on foreign shares
  • Construction of investment portfolios in multi-currency geographic dispersion according to requirements of the client (tailor made)