Discount Group

Herzlilienblum Private Museum

The Bank That Made History Happen

We invite you to join us on a travel through time, a journey starting a little more than a century ago. After a long process of conservation and refurbishment, including careful preservation of the architecture, decorations and flooring, as well as uncovering and restoring original wall paintings, the private museum is open to the public, named to indicate its location at the corner of Herzl and Lilienblum Streets, or in short: Herzlilienblum.

The private museum showcases to visitors not only the history of Discount Bank, banking in general and Israeli banking in particular - but also a little from the early years of Tel Aviv, with special emphasis on commercial and economic activity, which this building has hosted over its century-long history.

The private museum's ground floor is dedicated to the past; the second floor - to the present; and the third floor - to the future, or more accurately, to future banking - as we anticipate it today.

The private museum offers rotating art exhibitions, special shows and tours for visitors of all ages. In addition, during the summer vacation and holidays, we offer unique and fascinating workshops on finance for children and youth, explaining in simple terms how money works.

The private museum is our offering to the community and admission to all exhibitions and activities is free of charge.